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Caribbean Innovation Competition

We are pleased to announce that the Regional Entrepreneurial Asset Commercialisation Hub (REACH) Caribbean Innovation Competition.


Revisiting the “human intellect” part of intellecutal property

It is said that we create not only out of necessity but also because we are compelled to and just for the fun of it. But is that creative capacity the sole province of human minds?


Patent Goes Green

Over the last few years, the relationship between environmental sustainability and intellectual property has frequently captured the headlines. Patents are the most significant vehicle to foster technological revolution


Kicking It IP Style

Picture this!!!! You walk into a Francis Fashion’s Shoelocker store with your granddad to buy a new pair of football boots for your upcoming football match. He is in awe of the sleek design and bright colours of the pair of football boots that you try on.  He tells you that in his day, football boots were plain, dull, and very uncomfortable to play in. You smile and say to him, “Yeah gramps this is the new Nike CR7 Mercurial football boots. It’s so cool!!!!”


The Influence of Intellectual Property in Sports

GOAL!!!! Gareth Bale has just scored for Real Madrid. He runs to face the large cheering crowd and celebrates the goal by displaying his customary eleven of hearts symbol. That’s a normal scenario in a football match, a player celebrating his goal, but did we miss something in that celebration? Gareth Bale applied for a trademark for his celebratory eleven of hearts symbol.






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